Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still debating if this is real...

Matt Heyerly is always a good fool-ster, master of graphic design. I certainly have never seen it, and I have been collecting records for nearly 35 years now, since I was 4 Gary Emerald was 4 as well. I think it may contain his rendition of the Archies' "Sugar, Sugar" he sings on the Disney classic, Disneyland Showtime.

Update: Yes, it's real, I found a Cashbox add Capitol Records took out advertising Kurt's record along side Jack Wild's album.



Better than Star Wars!

Does anyone remember this show? Neither do I

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rob Klein’s historic exchange with producer…legend Ilya Slakind.

RK: Hello, It’s an honor to meet you.

IS: Yeah…

RK Did you keep any of the Chris Reeve suits?

IS: You know…they made like only 50…they sell…, 150…uh, yeah!

RK: I see…they are all at the Warner Brothers now.

IS: Uh, okaaay… yeah.

RK I see you have a silver “S” charm…does it get caught in your chest hair?

IS: So you want me to sign something?

RK Ah, sure.

IS What you want me to sign?

RK How about “To Jennifer and Rob…”

IS How do you spell? J…e….f….n…..???


IS Yeah, ok…uhh.

RK Yes, that’s is…can you please, use the silver pen…it’s like the crystals from Krypton…

IS: Uh, yeah…okaaay.

Rk Where you living these days?

IS California, the weather is, uh…you know…

RK Better than Superman Retuns?

IS Uh, okaaay….