Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Superman II press kit

You can always get a feel for the budget behind a feature film based on several things: one, is how well the crew is taken care of...were there crew gifts? How good was the craft service table's goodies?

Another way is by the cool press materials created to entice the press to publish praise on the film. The Superman II press kit remains an excellent artifact created to support the film. Complete with a wonderful collection of stills and a bound full color cover complete with extensive information on the cast and crew and facts about the film's production.

Superman's "green crystal"

No doubt the the "Ruby Slippers" of Superman: The Movie and Superman II is the green Kryptonian Crystal that Jor-El (Marlon Brando) places in Kal-El's spacecraft when he is sent to Earth.

This is one of two known to exist and both are in America, though they were both created and filmed in the UK. One is owned by archivist Rob Klein, along with one of Chris Reeves' Superman costumes.

This particular hero green crystal is the very same one used in the scene by Christopher Reeve when he is explaining his history with it to Lois in the Fortress of Solitude in Superman II. Acquired via Christopher Reeve while wearing his Superman suit at the completion of the scene.

The Batcomputer

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Batman and Robin's Batcomputer

Its great to see one of our restorations covered on the web. The original Batcomputer was discovered by Emerald & Hobbit's archivist Rob Klein in the 1999. It was in the elements and being rained on. Rob purchased the set piece and restored it to its original glory, using as many of the original lights and components that were still able to be located. The restoration was completed in 2003 with working lights and switches, looking once again as it appeared in the 1966-1969 television series "Batman" and the 1967 feature film of the same name. Though it was labeled as many different "Bat" pieces of equipment over the three seasons that the script called for, it was referred often as simply as the "Batcomputer" in many episodes.