Saturday, May 7, 2011

Star Trek II Admiral Kirk (William Shatner) costume

If you don't recognize this, then you have not seen Star Trek II Wrath of Khan. The best Star Trek film ever made.

Wild Wild West Robert Conrad 3rd & 4th Season costume

After nearly 20 years of searching I was finally able to locate and acquire my favorite costume from the exciting 60s TV series The Wild Wild West. This is Jim West's coat and pants worn by Robert Conrad in the 3rd and 4th season of the show. The cuffs are about 2" wide which means this coat was worn in the 4th season. This is the same costume Robert Conrad is wearing on the cover of TV Guide from 1968. Unfortunately, I located the pants and chaps about a year ago, before I located the jacket and I did not acquire them, as I had given up on ever locating the coat. This is a perfect example on why one should never give up, because about 10 months later I located the jacket and the matching pair of blue pants. Never the less these blue pants (pictured) were indeed worn with this blue jacket in many episodes, though the chaps were more often seen with this ensemble while Jim West was riding across the plains of the wild west.