Sunday, November 30, 2008

Star Trek original costumes: Ensign Pavel Chekov

Here are some images of the "Star Trek" Season 3 (1969-1969) Ensign Pavel Chekov (Walter Koenig) costume, displayed with an original pair of 1960s Star Trek series pants. 1960s original Trek uniforms are really scarce, and very few have been paired together with a tunic with the original pants, which are harder to find than the Starfleet tunics from any season.

Chekov did not have any rank braid as he was an Ensign, who required nothing on his sleeve. So the sleeves are as they appeared on the show: bare. NOTE: Most often the rank braid had been removed for dry cleaning, as was never added back on, so most characters are missing their rank braid.

Note: This Chekov, he has no braid, therefore this tunic is complete.

(A single strip of braid sells for in excess of $1,500.00 US dollars, if you are lucky enough to find one available.)

The stitches still remain where the insignia patch was removed for dry cleaning by Paramount Pictures Corporation, who had taken over production for “Star Trek” by the 3rd season 1968-1969. Sold to them recently by Desilu.

This Chekov tunic still has the inscription: "Konieg #4" hand written into the "secret" location where ALL the stars names were hand written. Some supposed experts say they never had star names written in the tunics, wrong, wrong an wong !!!!

I have proven them all wrong, their made up stories and theories were total BS, coming from ignorant wanna be self proclaimed Star Trek experts, trying to get attention in anyway they could. These inaccurate statements were started because someone was sold a Kirk or a Spock or another character that did not have a name written into the tunic...well, clearly they were sold an item that was not a star's tunic, so it is not a Kirk or Spock, and they refused to realize they were sold something that was claimed to be different that what it was sold as. These people fail to except the truth. And are idiots for challenging Emerald and Hobbits experts that are on payroll 24/7.

To quote Khan in ST II WOK: "It is very cold in space" and in the world of original historical entertainment artifacts especially when things just don’t add up to equal…authenticity? BLAM!!!!

Please all fellow 60s fans and Trek fans alike....enjoy the silver sparkles on the original Star Trek pants, pretty cool...huh! Once you know they are there, you'll never not notice them again. Look for them gleaming ion the newly converted Blu-Ray DVDs. These sparkles add that bit of bling, bling- BANG! To 1960s Star Trek and reaffirms what it always had, when compared to other Trek shows that went blah! in front of the cameras.

You gotta see this stuff in person to notice these things.

Lit correctly in a museum setting these pants would look spectacular! Details such as these would be “Fabulous darling…to say the very least!!!!”

This tunic could have appeared in classics such as:

"Spectre of the Gun" (one of G. Emerald's favs)
"Day of the Dove"
"Way to Eden"

are also to take note of

If not many, many more examples of third season “Trek”

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