Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kollecting KISS

Kollecting KISS

KISS is one of those bands where you either love them, or hate them. The loyal KISS fans would all agree that their lives have been changed by being a KISS fan. The fun and magic of their entertainment will always be a high point while on Planet Earth. They are one of he most innovative and talented bands in the history of entertainment.

The genius of Paul Stanley’s song writing, god given voice and stage performance, he is the epitome of what is Rock Star. Ace Frehley, perhaps the best guitarist of the 70s and onward, Ace is just cool, truly awesome. Peter Criss’ excellent and straightforward, custom van drumming, along with classic rock n roll wiskey-ish voice, KISS would not have been the same without him. Gene Simmons, is Gene Simmons, nuff said.

Here area few examples of some KISS items, a true feast for the eyeballs.

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