Sunday, November 1, 2009

Obi-Wan Promotional video from the 1977 Living in These Star Wars LP

Living in These Star Wars was released in 1977 by The Rebel Force Band. I have heard from a few people who are aware of this LP, people are aware of this because of Rob Klein who was spreading the word among friends, that it was a parody. Nope, these guys were obviously serious and very impacted by the fever of 77, Star Wars fever. Since it was released in 1977 it was out before many of the Star Wars products were, perhaps even sooner that the bootleg toys. (a story for another time)

This pop rock offering is full of catchy harmonies and Moog keyboards, a very groovy, perfect time capsule of fun for the custom van and maybe a simpler time.
In any case here is the rare promotional video for "Obi-Wan" promoting the extremely rare CD release of "Living in these Star Wars."

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