Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The original Lone Ranger costume

No doubt one of the coolest western costumes from entertainment history: The Lone Ranger's costume, complete with double gun belt rig complete with two six-shooter single action pistols and silver bullets across the back of the belt.


Gary Emerald said...

When I took that photo of the Lone Ranger, we over heard someone say "well looky, there's Zorro"...I have very little faith in the general public.

Warren O'Leary said...

In today's anti-White male society that has been matastizing since 1964; only females could wear this historically masculine cowboy outfit the last 50 years! Females have carved out a large niche of historically menswear in Western Civilization with females being exempt from any ridicule for their most successful cross-dressing/ transvestism since 1963-64. Clayton's pants are mocked repeatedly by both gender fashion writers as being too feminine or possibly desired by homosexual males because of being sleek, slender trousers with the logical tucking these narrow, tapered legs into either cowboy boots or tall riding boots.What anti-male bias and extreme bigotry especially since covetous females usurped our sleekest outfits for their selves.