Sunday, August 9, 2009

Star Trek's Deforest Kelley's and Leonard Nimoy's unreleased LPs finally located on CD

by Rob Klein
There are many 60s records that have been put on to CD since the 60s. There are times when a certain release comes and goes with out anyone every really knowing about it. Two examples of extremely rare CDs are Leonard Nimoy’s “Butterscotch Kisses” and Deforest Kelley’s one and only album “I’m Here for You.”

Here is a copy of De Kelley’s CD autographed by him. When he signed it he commented to me that the cover photo “was taken where we did all those Western pictures.”


thepicklebarrel said...
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thepicklebarrel said...

what's great about the De cd, is that they chose to give you the full 15:50 of Battle Hymn.

the original LP was trimmed to 4:28. it's actually quite excruciating at the shorter, original length, but my heavens, the 15:50 will make you weep.

god bless you De...may you be here for us....forever.

FCG said...

Great to see these, Rob. thanks for sharing. I'm scanning ebay for them regularly now.

ScienceOfficerSmith said...

What DID Stew Promise, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to share these songs? I think Star Trek and De Kelley fans everywhere deserve to hear them.