Monday, August 31, 2009

The Land of the Lost hand puppets

“The Land of the Lost” was one of the coolest Krofft shows. There is much to explore surrounding the three seasons that “The Land of the Lost” was on the air. Star Trek alumni contributed to writing episodes, no doubt by the suggestion of Sid Krofft. This show had it all, dinosaurs with a cool sci-fi cross-over.

This show technically combined video; the format the live action footage was taped on, with film, the format used to create the dinosaur’s movements. At one time it was thought the entire show would get scrapped vbefore the technitians figured out how to marry the two formats.

Not all of the dinosaurs were stop motion. The Krofft puppet shop made hand puppets for Grumpy and later Big Alice. Each puppet was quite large, constructed of foam, Grumpy seen here, has seen better days as you can see in the photo.

Big Alice is in far better condition, as the staff at Emerald and Hobbit has carefully maintained her. The Big Alice hand puppet can be seen at the end of the season 3 titles, taking Grumpy’s queue for having the final word.
The Big Alice hand puppet may have been built by Wah Ming Chang as grumpy was.

Technically The Big Alice hand Puppet is also Grumpy as she was substituted for Grumpy in one episode. It is unknown whether this was a mistake, or that perhaps they had to use her for some other technical reason. Maybe Grumpy was not available? Interesting whatever the reason may have been.

Photo #3: The Big Alice Hand puppet seen here in the late 80s

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