Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Disney original prop & costume display featuring items from Tron and The Black Hole by Gary Emerald

Disney Archives did an amazing job helping D23 promote the D23 Expo at Comic-Con by bringing out a few of Disney's comic-related heroes. All of these original costumes were displayed for the first time in California together. Pieces from the 70s sci-fi cult-classic "The Black Hole" were present, including the miniature robots, V.I.N.Cent., Old B.O.B. and Maximillain. Costumes from "Sky High," "Condorman," "TRON" and "The Rocketeer" complete with the hero X-3 Jetpack delighted attendees. The most popular definatly being Bruce Boxlietner's hero costume from TRON, even garnered attention from TRON's creator, Steven Lisberger, who stoped by the display to discus the details of the TRON costume with Disney Archivist Rob Klein.

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