Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movieland Wax Museum documentary update

Dan Roebuck and Rob Klein continue to work on their forthcoming documentary about the now long closed "Movieland Wax Museum." Dan and Rob have been producing an in-depth look at the history of Buena Park's Movieland, which opened in 1962. Rob Klein commented: "Movieland was a very unique wax museum and a southern California historic amusement that is worthy of an in-depth documentation. Dan and I started out compiling interviews and materials in 2005, we had hoped to complete the documentary by 2007, unfortunately we are still unable to locate a large amount of promotional material the most crucial being the 1980s promotional TV spots. Southern Californians remember seeing these commercials broadcast all the time. I just don't feel that this documentary will be complete until we can locate some of these promos which will help convey the vibe of what Movieland was all about." Rob and Dan urge anyone who may know more about and or have any of this kind of material to get in touch with them.

For fellow Movieland fans, here is a rare print add promoting "The Black Box" which was an Audio-Animatronic horror attraction featuring scenes from "Halloween" and "Alien."

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