Friday, December 30, 2016

SUPERMAN THE MOVIE Fortess of Solitude control panel

This piece of Superman history was saved because one of the crew members did not throw away these pieces as he wanted to make a chandelier out of the pretty plexi-glass.   Many of the pieces still have the holes he drilled into them stringing wire through the holes.  I couldn't remove these details, its just too good of a conversation piece to see the wire and holes through all these pieces of Superman history.  Yet without this crew members interest to reuse these pieces for his art project, they would not exist today, as sadly the rest of the set was destroyed.

I purchases each and every piece, at a HUGE price, from a UK prop retailer that bought these trashed pieces from the crew member.  I pieced it back together after extensive research of what the panel looked like.   Let me say there is literally no reference material out there, so it took a lot to get it to look this good again.

Superman fans, ENJOY!