Saturday, March 3, 2018

Star Trek's original home video releases

These are a few examples Star Trek's first offerings for the home video market of the 1966-1969 television series.  These video cassettes have the early opening front covers unique to Paramount Home Video as the video cassettes slide out of the side when the front panel is opened.  This feature is much more classy than the simple slide out the bottom version that became the norm, when home video cassettes became marketed for purchase for the average consumer at $24.95 vs. the $79.99-$89.99 retail price point intended for sales to video store rentals businesses.

One way or the other it is a shame that the later Star Trek home video box graphics did carry through using this wonderfully colorful and creative graphic design.

These video are quite rare and still command the same price today as what they originally sold for.  I was able to find my examples for about 1.99 each.

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