Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kenner's Super Powers collection

Many Super hero authorities consider Kenner’s Super Powers line to be the best toy line ever produced for the DC Universe. Perhaps even coming in first over the only other worthy collection: Mego's World's Greatest Super Heroes, produced in the 70s.

The Super Powers collection offered highly detailed figures, yet produced with simplistic charm. A style which has been ignored too often by current toy makers of the day. The primary colors of the plastic and superb packaging makes the Super Powers collection a pleasure to behold, total eye candy.

The figures were derived from Hanna Barbera’s “Super Friends” Saturday Morning TV series, and other super shows that followed such as: “The Challenge of the Super Fiends,” and eventually, “Super Powers” which tied directly into the toy line. Batman's and Robin’s designs were still closely related to the “Batman” 60s television series, though Batman started to stray away from Adam West’s look. The Super Powers Batman still had the classic blue and gray color scheme. This was the last toy line that offered Batman looking his best in blue and gray before he would forever be changed to the boring “dark motif” brought forth by Tim Burton’s Batman film in 1989.

Here is an example of Robin MOC card from the Super Powers line, still very Burt Ward-ish even 20 years after the show went off the air. Another robin feather in the cap of Burt Jervis.

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ScienceOfficerSmith said...

I like his green undies the best. They rule.