Friday, October 16, 2009

Remco's energized Spiderman and other Energized heroes

The Remco Energized Superhero line fits in the category of crap-tacular non-pose able 12” figures with great box art. The boxes and commercial TV tie-ins inspired… yet these toys did very, very little. You’d think a battery operated toy could provide hours of adventure…not really. These figures were designed with non-moving limbs, very simplistic and similar in design to toys from the 1960s.

There were several energized figures produced, Spiderman, was the focus of the collection and had the commercial spotlight. Superman, The Hulk, Green Goblin did not get any commercial attention and are the more obscure characters from the series. You don’t see many of them around these days.

With a “C” battery each figure did one thing. Spiderman has a pulley inside, when switched on he would climbs up a piece of fishing line from an arm permanently raised above his head. There was even a helicopter made for Spiderman… he looked dumb in it because he had to stand in the helicopter since he couldn’t bend his legs.

Superman’s eyes light up and when you plug the Kryptonite rock into his side, his eyes dim. His box shows an energized Superman looking nothing like the figure inside.

The Hulk has a pulley inside, same sort of things as Spiderman’s mechanism so the Hulk can and can pull stuff. Yawn…this mysterious toy line is one of my favorites

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