Sunday, October 11, 2009

Super accessories: Justice Jogger

What’s the deal with this Super Powers vehicle? Offered in the scarce third wave of the series. The Justice Jogger is an “overland villain chaser” with power stepping action. Perhaps Kenner’s design team was out of ideas by the time they began designing the third line of the Super Powers collection. The Justice Jogger is basically a wind-up two legged walking chair, which will carry a Super Powers action figure. The box depicts Superman piloting the chair. Lucky this vehicle is available to the man of steel just in case he gets tired. The only other character I could think of that would have been as bad of a choice to use as Superman was would have been the Flash. Though I guess Superman probably sells more toys regardless of the logic behind the idea.

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ScienceOfficerSmith said...

What about the Joker's "Witness Whammer," where he can smash in the brains of unsuspecting citizens of Gotham who witness his dastardly deeds? It's made of maroon plastic, which is always nice.